IT Staffing

We take pride in our reputation for excellence and the relationships we create with all our clients, candidates, and employees. We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you with all of your needs.

Our Philosophy

  • Go all out to understand our clients’ business
  • Commit to understanding our clients’ professional staffing needs.
  • Find solutions that work within your staffing model – and deliver great results
  • Shorten cycle time. Improve accuracy and retention. Enhance efficiency.
  • Transparency, Integrity & Customer satisfaction above all else.

Staff Augmentation:

Whether you are a Fortune 500 company or a small privately held company, PRI has the expertise to tailor our model to fit each of our clients’ specific staffing needs. We are experts in working directly with clients, partnering with MSP/VMS.


PRI’s recruiters and management personnel have a strong information technology backgrounds and are continuously trained on new and emerging technologies to ensure seamless communication between clients, vendors and contract employees. Our personnel rise to the challenge regardless of the complexities of your business environment.

For many, client-server works successfully to further organizational and strategic goals. Other clients benefit most by using a combination of technologies and systems or enhancing existing mainframe systems to make a significant improvement in productivity. PRI recognizes that each of our clients has unique goals and objectives, and that no single information technology solution can work for everyone.

Clients increasingly find that using our flexible, expert IT and communications staffing resources are the best way to meet continually shifting business goals.


To deliver skilled candidates requires the talents of skilled recruiters. Our teams of experts continually stay knowledgeable of the latest technology advances and understanding how they may be applied to the core business. They have experience in both the management and technical aspects, and use a proven recruitment methodology to match IT and Communication requirements quickly and efficiently. Candidates undergo an extensive screening process including in-depth technical interviews, technical tests, over 1000 available screen tests, including employment verification, reference checks, educational checks, criminal background checks and drug testing (list of tests supplied upon request).


You know how difficult it can be to retain qualified IT professionals. With demands on us to provide IT professionals for ever more demanding engagements, we’ve made significant investments on their behalf.