Ajay Patel CEO

Ajay Patel 

CEO and President

Ajay Patel began his Information Technology career in 1985. Currently the CEO / President and founding member of the Company in September of 1997. Ajay’s current role includes Company oversight and strategic growth management of PRI Inc.
Over the years Ajay was involved in all aspects of the business, involving staffing for IT and Admin. As well as recruiting, sales, managing staff and budgeting. Responsible for growing the company.

Since then, PRI has grown and continues to grow at a fast pace. A recent purchase of a 21,000 sq. ft PRI Corporate office space to accommodate our growth plans is a commitment that Ajay has made to continue seeing PRI grow and to service our esteemed clients better as we continue to expand. Ajay and PRI are doing this with new dynamic leadership & addition of ongoing new invigorated staff that believe in the PRI culture, in the successful & dynamic Client delivery and in the PRI mission !
Prior to starting PRI Inc, Ajay spent 15 years working in Corporate America in various roles in Information Technology from Operations, Programmer, Analyst, Project Lead, Architect and Project Management. Working for food companies like Orval Kent, Pet Foods, Pillsbury to First Data a credit card & payment processing company to Telecommunication companies SBC, Pac Bell and AT&T.
Ajay also worked as an IT consultant for Robert Half and managing large project teams & developing various applications including a comprehensive customer profitability system, reports and management/sales dashboards.
Ajay and PRI Inc have been noted & selected recently and/or over the last several years as one of the leading IT vendor for large fortune 500 companies including at MasterCard, Enterprise, Bristol Myers Squibb and many others including many recent high profile clients that we have added & gained value recognitions.
Ajay graduated with a B.S., Computer Science with Business in Chicago and attended Advanced Management Education programs at the Kellogg School of Management in Chicago.
Ajay has lived in multiple continents and has had a global perspective thru his experiences. Ajay is a naturalized USA citizen has also lived in Africa, Europe & Asia. The St Louis area has been a permanent home to Ajay & his family since 1989 for 30 years now. His daughter, a 3rd grade school teacher for Parkway school District was born here in St Louis and his son who works at the company is a native of St Louis since he was 1 year old & born in Chicago. Ajay, his family and the PRI family is “St Louis, USA and Global” strong.
Ajay is a sports fan and especially enjoys premier league soccer and is an avid Arsenal fan ! In his spare time he loves to play golf, ping pong and tennis. Ajay is active with many charities including a Woman’s Association charity that his mother founded over 25 years ago and that his mother is she is still running at the age of 89. The association is for abused women that now is empowering it’s members with fun & uplifting activities like cooking, singing, fashion, games, competitions & health educational clinics & seminars.