Alyssa Evensen – Sr. HR Manager

Alyssa joined PRI Inc. towards the end of 2015, as a member of the HR Team. She is heavily involved in the employer-employee relationship management. Her main goal is for each employee is to have a great experience with PRI and enjoy being a part of our company.

Upon joining PRI, Alyssa gained new knowledge in the realm of immigration law, visa sponsorship and all that goes into it. Being able to work alongside our employees who require sponsorship has become a large passion of hers. The requirements are ever-changing, making this program a challenge that is at times hard to tackle. Being heavily involved in this program has helped her grow as an HR Manager, by making her more compassionate and seeing things in a different light.

Outside of PRI, you can always find Alyssa getting creative in the kitchen. On top of cooking, she loves having a big vegetable garden each year. Aside from the kitchen, Alyssa and her family enjoy being out in the wild. She loves backpacking and camping any chance they can get away. Even if that means just a quick day hike at Castlewood. Besides her husband and son, her family includes four fuzzy, four legged animals.