Helen Reinstein – Director, Client Services

Helen began her career as a Retail Manager at Neiman Marcus and then was given an opportunity to be a Technical Recruiter. She began her career in Information Technology in 1997 as a Technical Recruiter and moved into a Business Development role.

Helen has twenty years of IT experience. She has been in technical recruiting for eighteen years and has managed, trained and mentored junior recruiters. She has also worked closely with business development teams. Helen helped build/staff an IT Security software company, Mobile Armor who years later was purchased by Trend Micro. Throughout her career she has a history of finding excellent talent that fits the technology and culture at clients. She loves helping people with their careers and has always been a trusted advisor for her clients. Helen has five years of experience in client development.

Helen loves to travel and loves beach activities. She is passionate about volunteer work for the Lupus Foundation and American Cancer Society. She is married and has five boys, three that serve in the US Military, one in the Marines and two in the Navy, one in Logistics and one in the automotive industry. Helen has three dachshunds and loves spending her time with them and her spouse.