Juggling between personal and professional responsibilities

Our Management team, through various initiatives, not only ensures work and play go hand in hand, but also hones our employees into brand ambassadors for the company. Little surprise therefore despite of the high attrition in the industry that we have people working with us for more than 10 years and still willing to work retirement at PRI.

While our Leadership team through weekly company-wide aims at creating a transparent communication system and listening architecture within the organization, performance and deliveries get recognized through award programmes conducted on Quarterly and Annual basis.

The team not only aims at creating a great work culture but also to motivate employees so as to inculcate a sense of belonging. Celebrations at the workplace are directly related to productivity, loyalty and job satisfaction, which is why PRI ensures that events like Birthdays and Service Anniversary Celebrations are permanent features.

Juggling between personal and professional obligations can take a toll on an individual.

Therefore, we do our best to help our employees hit the sweet spot between work and life.