What is Devops as a Service?

DevOps is the approach to software delivery aimed at uninterrupted availability and seamless incremental improvement of the software product. This is achieved with deployment and testing automation and releasing the code in small, clear, daily chunks. To make this possible, DevOps methodology emphasizes collaboration between developers, QA and operations engineers to form fluent all-around capable teams of highly motivated talents.



  • Faster implementation of desired features
  • Improved reliability of the IT infrastructure
  • Reduced costs of maintaining the IT infrastructure
  • Faster time to market for the products


     Automated deployment processes

  • Seamless software delivery
  • Improved IT infrastructure reliability
  • Faster reaction time/resolution of requests

What Do You Get?

Cloud deployment— we ensure optimal resource usage by deploying your software to public or on-prem cloud services

  • CI/CD — we provide top-notch continuous integration and continuous delivery services to ensure stable software performance and ongoing improvement.
  • Automated workflow — we automate as much workflow as possible to ensure precise resource allocation to mission-critical processes (like fulfilling the customer requests), instead of doing the routine manual tasks.
  • Testing — we implement automated testing to help build production-ready software versions, able to be pushed to production in a timely and secure manner.
  • Security — we provide a solid service workflow, with total automation and wide-scope code testing leaving little room for human-originating errors and potential security breaches.
  • Logging — we utilize sophisticated smart logging tools, providing ample records for further in-depth analysis, which makes compliance checks and audit much easier.
  • Monitoring — we harness the power of various monitoring tools on staging and production environments to ensure seamless software operation and uninterrupted customer experience
  • Alerting — we offer smart alerting around the clock for any important triggers with detailed notifications via email, SMS or messengers like Slack or Telegram. Alerting the right people at once with sufficient details makes problem resolution several times faster.