Engineering (Embedded Systems, Network, Storage)

Embedded System Development

PRI has expertise of developing embedded systems for a variety of applications. We have developed solutions for CPU operations, memory management, and networking among many such projects. Typically, we support Windows, HP-UX, Linux, VxWorks, LynxOS and QNX
The following list shows our depth and breadth of expertise in developing solutions in this space.

· Embedded HW and FPGA development
· Embedded Software Development

Enterprise System Software Development

PRI has solved several challenging problems for our customers over the years, to help develop enterprise system level software solutions. Our service expertise helps you reduce your design and development cycle time, and maximizes your returns on investment. Our diverse expertise helps you free up your development dollars to focus on your core areas. The following highlights the diversity of our experience, and the breadth of our technical experience.
· OS Bringup & Customization
· Device Driver Development
· Virtual Machine Development
· System Application Development
· Testing
· Current Product Engineering
· Reverse Engineering

Storage & SAN

Storage Protocol (FC, SCSI, iSCSI, SAS) Driver Development
Develop new interface driver for both initiator mode and target mode applications.
RAID Stack Development
Integrate Galois Multiplier with existing RAID stack, develop new stack.
Virtual Tape Library
Develop and maintain virtual tape library with opensource components.
Storage Architecture Development
Deploy SAN, storage switches, enterprise Arrays
Maintenance of Storage Systems